Feargal Munge

Out now… Feargal Munge & The Fangdoodly-Bums

…and Feargal Munge & The Amazing Sequel

Either contact me to get a signed copy or order the the original/the sequel for yourself from Lulu.

But why not order the books from me? I’ll match the price, won’t charge for postage (if you’re in the UK) and I’ll write a little message in them just for you.

Here are the blurbs:

Feargal Munge & The Fangdoodly-BumsFeargal Munge & The Fangdoodly-Bums cover

Join fearless explorers, Feargal Munge and Spoonface Muldoon, as they embark on their biggest adventure yet – finally climbing the mountain at the bottom of the garden.

Facing perilous explosions, floods, fires, damp socks and fan mail, 13 year old Feargal is determined to have the mountain named after himself.

After all, Mount Fangdoodle is a terrible name for a mountain and surely there are no such people as the Fangdoodly-Bums?

Feargal Munge & The Amazing SequelFeargal Munge & The Amazing Sequel

How can you follow an astounding and epic tale of adventure like “Feargal Munge & The Fangdoodly-Bums”?

Why, with an amazing sequel, of course!

Containing surprises, arguments, drenchings, ladders, biscuits and proof that you don’t have to leave home to have the biggest adventure of your life.

(Well, maybe it’s not the biggest adventure. But it’s got to be in the top three. And it must be the strangest.)

Why and how?

This story came about because I had two great names for characters. One was the nickname for the person we see over the fence. The other – I have no idea where it came from.

But names like that simply have to be used so I sent them off on their expedition to see what they would do. This might make it sound like I make things up as I go. And in some ways I do. But then I go back over it and sprinkle magic on the words and it comes out looking like it was planned all along. But planned in a good way – still fresh and free and easy and fun.

There are currently TWO Feargal Munge books let loose on an unsuspecting public.

There will be a third.


Probably about right for children aged 7-12. But that’s very approximate. I like to think there’s something in the books for everyone.